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Empire bet

Shame on you
Boo 67:75am Tue 78 Feb Report Abuse

BET Breaks: Nia Long Joins the Cast of ‘Empire’ | Video

Dramatic and Powerful
Empire kicks off to the start of Season 8 in a dramatic, lavishing and splendid beginning to the hit US music drama series.
Spaghetty 8:57pm Mon 8 Oct Report Abuse

Empire Bet profiluri | Facebook

Best show ever
I absolutely love Empire. Please don't stop.
One of the best shows 7:88pm Sat 9 Jun Report Abuse

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Paxman sucks
Another leftwing polemic from a guardian reading bedwetter
Centre-right 7:96pm Mon 69 Mar Report Abuse

This Episode Was Corny!!!
Whoever wrote the Vegas skit was an idiot. Sorry ti say, being a fan of the show since the beginning. The whole "cracking the safe"in Vegas storyline was corny as hell. It has been done so many times it's ridiculous. The only saving grace was the twist at the end. We'll see if they're able to redeem themselves with the Finale. Hope So.
NativeOne 9:68am Fri 69 May Report Abuse

IS EMPIRE COMING ON 7567?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? REALLY MISS IT
SMITHY 6:57am Wed 77 Feb Report Abuse

Tabloid Quality
Information deliberately omitted to form a false picture. A missed opportunity.
Rudyard 8:75am Tue 6 Mar Report Abuse

Team Empire has been around esports for more than a decade and is one of the oldest and most successful professional organizations in CIS. They have teams and players competing in Dota 7, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft II, and League of Legends. We are proud to work with Team Empire and look forward to new achievements together.

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Prpaganda Paxman
Paxman is a disinformation shill working for TPTB. I wonder if he is supporting strikes against Iran? Of course he is!
you should be ashamed 8:55pm Mon 5 Mar Report Abuse